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(엄마 쟤 또 왔어) l “Hey, Raise Me..!!”

Uh she’s in front of the door Bring them inside asap I’m afraid that she’ll bite Bring them inside Who is it? Peeks from below the gate Nose? Hello I’m Bbunsoonㅠㅠ Mom, I lost my keyㅠㅠㅠㅠ Dad opens the door L I T Your dog is so cute No!!!!!!! She’s not our dog Home owner/ She came in one day, and went around the yard We were surprised when she peeked through the gate Bbunsoon, sit Unknown dog listens well I’ll get a room for you to live with the dog Going to move in now Get out Came in~ Gotta go outside Gives up easily The house that you live in.. That house was supposed to be my house… The cold realityㅠㅠ Don’t call her name so she can leave Clingy Bbunsoon Goes in??? Got stuck lol No plan on leaving Take me in please Love me like that too No, no, don’t go in If you go in there, you’ll really get punished and kicked out The living room for tomorrow zzz A letter written to Bbunsoon’s owner letter on the collar Installs a camera Bbunsoon’s owner? Let’s go together~~~ Kicked out multiple times If this was a neighborhood dog, following this road would lead to villages So it would be easy for the dog to find her way home Maybe someone abandoned the dog But Bbunsoon still comes Vet/ There are dogs who are very social but personality is not everything The owner must’ve petted the dog a lot She was raised with a lot of love She missed the warm embrace of a family Until the owner is found The mom and dad will welcome her into their family Lovely Bbunsoon, live with a lot of love

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100 thoughts on “(엄마 쟤 또 왔어) l “Hey, Raise Me..!!”

  1. Pls don't abandon the depressed dog 🙏😭😭 he will be missing everything but no clue or clarity. So be gentle to animals 🙇🙏🙏
    ♥️ from🇮🇳

  2. Пока будет пузыриться баланда с едой, я буду любить тебя до конца своих дней (с) собака😭😭😭

  3. Будто история из фильма, как душа перерождается и приходит в мир людей в виде собаки😊

  4. 근데 백구는… 진짜 교육 제대로 안시킨개들은 고양이든 강아지든 물어죽여요…. 나같아도 주인같은 반응일듯…

  5. What's wrong with raising this dog vs hers? This dog is much smarter than her small dog. If she can take care of her small dog, why can't she let this one in? How would she feel if she were this dog and she wanted to get into the house with a family? Would she want to be kicked out?

  6. 사람이 돌보지 안는개가 털이 저렇게 깨끗할수가 없는데 저런 종류의 개 털 뽑아주는게 얼마나 힘든데


  8. 입구에 묶인 개 보니 씁쓸하네요. 얼마나 답답하고 괴롭고 힘들까….왜 저렇게 개를 짧게 문앞에 묶어 놓는걸까요? 집 지키라고?? 휴……작은 강아지들은 집안에서 잘 크네요. 씁쓸하다 정말

  9. 원래 저 동네살던 개인데 주인이 버리고 이사갔나봄ㅠㅠㅠ그래서 동네 집마다 돌아다니나…

  10. 주인 아주머니 아저씨가 대단하시네… 강아지 좋아하고 키우지만 모르는 대형견이 저리 들이대면 어우.. 쉽지않은 결정이었을듯

  11. I have a same reality going on in my grandma's place.. There's a local dog who wouldnt leave granny place and has been living there with them since the last few months.We search for the owner but couldn't find one.

  12. i’m so happy that i’m the end they decided to “adopt” her, she’s such a sweet lady dog and deserves to be more than loved

  13. There was this dog that always went to my grandma's. Everyday. She ended up taking him. Dester died a few years ago, he never left my grandma's side

  14. Доброго времени ! Я так , поняла , что одна с комментарием на русском языке , собака очень умная , до слез жалко, и ещё собака не когда не выбирает плохих людей ! Может быть , вы мне ответите , что с собакой ? Где она сейчас ? Очень буду благодарна! 🤗💖💞💖🌈🌞💖💝💖💝💖💝💖💝💖💝💖💝💖

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