15 thoughts on “外國人介紹台灣: Waterfall Hike (三貂嶺) Taiwan (中文字幕, 4K)

  1. Lukas, do you know SanDiaoLing is not a Taiwanese name? It’s SanTiago, named by the Spanish when they had a short stint colonization in the early 17th century.

  2. 5:02 The crack in the middle of waterfall wall, there is a path to go in. Just right before the road heading to the long steep stairs.
    Also you can go even further to 猴洞 if you continue on after the waterfall, but that would end up like 13K long hiking.

  3. 如果搭火車去的話,可以看到隱藏美景喔~在火車從三貂嶺站開往大華站的途中,大約行駛過三個隧道後,可以看到一座九層瀑布,不過要冬季(雨季)時去,瀑布水量夠大才漂亮。

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