99 thoughts on “वेजिटेबल फ्राईड राईस (Vegetable Fried Rice) by Tarla Dalal

  1. I love demonstrating the recipes — as I love cooking. And I feel so happy when I see positive responses from super-duper people like you. It makes me want to upload a lot more videos! Do try all my recipes and let me know how it comes out. And if you want to search for a recipe or know more about any of the ingredients, etc. — use our app or website.

  2. God bless you dear! I am glad you liked this recipe. I love to hear from people of your generation — because I try so hard to adapt even traditional recipes to suit current lifestyles and health concerns. So, when I hear from youngsters like you, I feel so happy and want to keep uploading more and more recipes.

  3. You know what — I would love to hear how this recipe turned out when you tried it. And, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask me so that it works out even better next time.

  4. Thank you for your kind words… You really inspire me to cook more videos… Keep trying all recipes and let us know how they turned out… Happy Cooking !

  5. hi mam, I see your @ recipies of chinese , i really feel good n feel to cook, and i used to watch your shows mam, n m going to try toady .

  6. All the cooking lovers miss u Madam.She made Cooking very easy and loved her tips.Let her soul rest in peace. Expect her legacy continues to her fans.

  7. Omg, I love her recipes and presentation especially she helps vegetarians!!! Wish her happiness there she does great work for humanity… Gosh, am so sad :'(

  8. YES YES Thank you Ma'am 🙂 ..now i can eat without having to go out every single time 😛 

  9. I like the style of making any food by you and most like the motherly touch to food. love to make the food at your style

  10. Loved her easy explaination. Tried first time, just followed mam's instructions and fried rice is perfect….
    Thanks Madam

  11. thnk u Tarala dalal mam,u r the food queen of india.i saw ur food recipe in Doordarshan & zee tv channel long back,hats off to u.   can we add azinomo salt in this veg fried rice.

  12. Mem You always live for ever in your Recipe and when ever you say Mai Tarla Dalal Bool Rahi hoon  it's just like I mean I have no word I still remember when I was small In each and every Sunday my Mummy watching your video and that word still let me once again live in my childhood my all love with you Me you never die you always live with us in you recipe Thank's I try to make each and every recipe and I started..    

  13. Though you are not with us, I enjoy all your recipes- they are so simple, easy to understand and follow. I have been trying simple things even as a bachelor , then prepare them when my wife is not well ..We will always remember you and your recipes..

  14. Super like ..I impressed my parents trying out this recipe they loved it ..Now my mumma feels that i can be good cook ..Thank you somuch Maam 😀

  15. madam you are simply great. i love the way you guide the recipes those are very easy and simple. thank you so much

  16. Tarlaji,you will be missed.Every time I see yr video,there is a lump in my throat and my eyes are moist.you have left behind a legacy.We fans will always love you and keep trying yr recipes.I know you are watching us from above and know that we miss and love you loads.

  17. its very simple and good receipe of chinese fried rice and you r tips also very fine i like this recipe i will try it thank you madam from Aparna pimpalkar

  18. Made it kids really enjoyed. We added some baby corn and broccoli which enhanced the crunchiness … Thanks for sharing

  19. maam u r soo good..i recently start cooking…and with ur recepies i am getting good compliments..
    maam ur recepies are awsm..

  20. I don't have Chinese five spice powder and is available in every grocery store and supermarkets so what can I substitute for this in this recipe? ?????

  21. Namaste madam. I am from ahmedabad. I have tried lots of time to make fried rice but I am not getting the typical smoky flavoure when we eat it. Can you please guide me how to get that smoky flavoure?

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