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In a few minutes we’re gonna start the hike to the volcano Acatenango It’s located in Guatemala It’s around 3800-3900 meters high The interesting thing is that once we’re up there, we’d be able to see another volcano that is active and is erupting It’s located right next to it The idea is to see the volcano erupting for sunrise and sunset tomorrow I’ve heard this is one of the best things to do while in Guatemala Let’s find out if it’s true After a short presentation by the tour guide on what we shall and we shall not do during the hike We started! It’ll be interesting. So let’s see. This is what the beginning of the hike looks like. There’s a ton of sand and it’s very steep. I feel like we start at around 2500m altitude. Btw I forgot to tell you that just two days ago I felt really sick. I had fever, headache and I simply coulnd’t really move myself. But there was no way I’d miss this hike. So I took a lot of Efisol and Paracetamol that I still had left from Bulgaria And I went to the local pharmacy to get Vitamin C Some more Vitamin C And now I feel much better. So I hope I can do this. We start to see the volcano little by little now After around 3 hours of walking we have finally (almost) reached the end Which is great! Hi there sir, good day! This is what I call (literally) relaxing above the clouds. I have at least four types of upper clothing. I’ve got a T-shirt, two sweaters and a jacket. And right now it’s not too cold, but the wind is very strong It’s around 6 PM We’re at 4000m altitude If not even more. Right now we’re literally way above the clouds. Perhaps we’re in heaven. Who knows? Guys, you won’t believe this if you see it in real life… It’s not cold for you?
– Of course it is… And you sleep here? A little information about the tour… They picked us up at 9AM and I booked it the night before at the hostel where I’m staying So they picked us up at 9AM and the journey to the start of the trail was about 30-40 kms away from Antigua (an hour to get there) After that we started hiking up and it took us approximately 5 hours to get to the base camp The base camp itself is located on the Acatenango volcano And that’s the inactive volcano (i.e. the sleeping one). But from the base camp itself we got a marvelous view to the Fuego (the active volcano) Which means “Fire” in Spanish (fun fact). The tour cost 55 USD. and it includes transportation to and from the start of the trail. As well as food, but you should take it with you, since there’s nobody else to do that for you. They also give you clothes. I took a jacket, because I kind of had everything else and I figured that I’d need a second jacket since I know that it’s brutally cold up there. Other people took gloves, hats, walking sticks for example. All the things that I just listed are free and they’re included in the price of the tour. So you can ask for whatever kind of equipment you want, they’ll give it to you. The hike itself is I’d say rather difficult. It’s definitely not something easy. If you’re in good shape, if you actively exercise and if you actively hike mountains, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve hiked much harder ones But in any case, I’d say it’s moderately difficult. A lot of people come here who have never hiked anything in their lives and they expect it to be easy It’s not that easy But it’s not something impossible either. It’s definitely worth it on the other hand. I recommend it to everyone. The feeling to be up there, about a hundred meters away from the lava and at 4000m height Is something truly indescribable. It’s unbelievable. And it’s one of the most, if not THE best things I’ve ever done in my life.

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  1. Страхотно видео! Много ми хареса и как накрая сподели повече информация за самия преход! Продължавай да качваш видея и с удоволствие ще ги гледам!

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